TechExcel Announces TechExcel DevTrack 6.0

TechExcel delivers robust process-driven solution for managing the application development lifecycle.

Lafayette, California - November 16, 2005 - TechExcel, Inc., a leading developer of issue and process management solutions, today announced the general availability of DevTrack 6.0. The latest version of DevTrack enhances the defect and project tracking tool's power to manage and automate the application development lifecycle through extended workflow functionality, robust scalability, and seamless integration with IT service and test management solutions.

"DevTrack has been an effective and powerful product for many years. Some of our largest DevTrack customers are creating over 15,000 issues per week with thousands of team members working 24 hours a day on our system. Providing these customers with fast performance and stability is the focus of the DevTrack 6.0 release," said Tieren Zhou, President and CEO of TechExcel. "We have designed DevTrack 6.0 specifically to meet such scalability needs while retaining the ease of configuration and ease of use that DevTrack has always been known for."

By combining the flexibility and ease of configuration of a graphic workflow editor with powerful new functionality designed to meet the needs of both small and large organizations, DevTrack provides development teams with a powerful process management tool engineered to manage even the most demanding workflow. The DevTrack 6.0 graphical workflow allows users to draw shapes and connectors that represent states and transitions respectively. Using the diagramming tools, you can define every aspect of a workflow rule including next actions for each status state, application owners for each status state, who can perform actions, invisible/read only/mandatory fields for each workflow actions and status states. Best of all, as soon as you finish drawing the workflow, you can publish the new workflow settings to a live system. DevTrack 6.0 also offers users the ability to create multiple workflows to cover the full spectrum of development work items, defects, and change requests.

In addition to powerful new workflow functionality, DevTrack 6.0 also introduces two major performance enhancements designed specifically for large development teams. For teams with thousands of users and millions of DevTrack issues, two operations could slow down performance: generating large reports and performing extensive keywords searching against multiple memo fields. DevTrack now supports web server load balancing and dedicated reporting servers. DevTrack customers can now dedicate a single web server or a group of servers for reporting purposes only, thus removing possible performance impact to the normal operations when users need to generate large reports. DevTrack 6.0 also introduces the DevTrack Search Engine to deliver instantaneous keyword search results even when DevTrack databases contain millions of issues.

Lastly, DevTrack 6.0 also continues to offer seamless integration with IT service and test management solutions. TechExcel provides process solutions to manage the entire lifecycle of an issue - from the time issues are reported by customers to support teams to the moment corrections are released - TechExcel integrations ensure that all teams work together efficiently.